Toronto Sportscard Fall Expo 2013

imagesRecently, I went to the Toronto Sportscard Expo which happens twice a year. This year was the same as most years though. The thing about collecting anything is that when you are looking at the same things over and over, it tends to all blur together. It’s a problem I think is effecting the whole hobby in the same way, as when the bottom fell out from over production in the early 90’s. Eight out of ten dealers had a massive case full of interchangable jersey auto cards, huge patch, little photo and ugly sticker autographs as well. When I got back into collecting, the first time you get a memoribilia card or an autograph card it’s mind-blowing. But later, after set after set getting released, it’s still difficult to get a specific card of a specific player, but you also end up with too many of a player coming out each year  so it nearly kills the appeal of collecting specific players. I couldn’t help but think in the back of my mind, “bubble’s going to burst” as I walked around the expo.

_RookieTo swing the pendulum back a bit, on the vintage side of things, grading has created a situation where, when you look at ungraded vintage, you almost automatically assume, it is going to be in fairly bad shape. So, vintage is becoming a bit more interesting beacuse the pool of high grade cards gets smaller. I may be a bit biased as I have always loved the older cards (even the junk wax era) more than most of the newer issues. I was very excited by all these new brands when I got back into collecting, but within a few years, became ovewhelmed.

People may complain about Topps, but I have a bigger pet-peeve in Panini. As the only maker of basketball cards, they absolutely turned me off basketball cards by producing 26 different sets, some priced so high I could buy a two Jordan rookie’s for the same price. Really do we need over 200 different autograph cards of the same player?

Cat-Zingano1I think aside from the Bowman Chrome Baseball Prospects & Topps Chrome Football Rookies I am going to stay away unless it’s vintage or the two MMA fighters who I collect, Cris Cyborg & Cat Zingano.

Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha

410OHuiak3LI recently purchased and read the book “Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha” by John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein I was initially impressed that the intro was written by the greatest bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I found some of the theories interesting and figured I would give it a shot.index

The first month was great, I made some noticeable gains and lost some fat. Really I will give them credit for that. The exercises were good, the intensity was there, though I also wonder if some of that was the result of adding Greens+ and RIVAL-US POST-Rx to my supplimentation. The diet is a little weird with only an 8 hr window for eating and a limited amount of calories. I am used to the theory of eating good and often. Admittedly diet is not my strongest point, but if I tightened the bolts, I think that the older way of doing things may be better. Sure you might look more ripped and striated with this new diet, but I am starving!!

arnold-encyclopedia-of-modern-bodybuildingMonth 2 has been a disappointment, I swear I have taken two steps back, not making any gains and looking and feeling shittier. I am hoping that month 3 is a lot better. My skepticism is starting to kick in. I am already reading Arnold’s New Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding for when I am done this program .

While the concept of the book is great but writing is irritating and the authors are about as charming as onnit-hex-iconstepping in gum. Aside from bringing awareness of some great new-ish supplement companies through their egregious amount of affiliate selling, I discovered Onnit Labs. I also found a lot in the Thank You’s to see they are influenced by Timothy Ferriss and Ryan Holiday who I have checked out and found interesting.

We’ll see how the next month goes…

The No Bronie Fantasy Football League

This year I felt pangs to get back into football. Last year I paid very little attention compared to the fanatical following of the 2011 season. I had also been curious about playing fantasy sports after watching a 30 for 30 documentary on fantasy sports called “Silly Little Game” Recently I had been reading about fantasy baseball to get in inside view to what was happening with players which affect the value of baseball cards. (And closely following prospects, but that’s another story) I joined a fantasy league on to get my feet wet, then I thought, why not start my own league on there and get my friends involved? So, for the inaugural season I grabbed five friends and we formed the No Bronie Fantasy Football league.

The excitement started with the live draft, there were bidding wars, bad puns, and much laughter as we stumbled through this. The league has been only around for close to two weeks, but everyone seems to having fun and we are developing our own mythology. Not wanting to embrace the paradigm of the bronie.


The Paradigm we DO want embrace, is the Boz…


I created a weekly award for the team that embodies the spirit of the Boz. At the end of the season the ultimate prize was going to be the Brian Bosworth Rookie Card, I now adjusted that to a starting lineup figure, which is more like a trophy. The figure will be presented to the winner at the Super Bowl party to wrap up the season.


The last place team will have to wear a My Little Pony t-shirt for the duration of the Super Bowl party, thus becoming a Bronie


What’s Going On?

It’s neaImager the make or break point in the baseball season and I’ve had a great time watching this year. I was expecting so much from the Angels, but maybe next year they will gel as a team. When Spring Training was going on the really big thing was seeing Josh Hamilton with his new team. In the excitement I couldn’t resisit picking up the Topps Spring Fever Autograph card.

This year, I’ve also had fun catching up with some of the players I had caught onto last Imageseason such as Chris Sale of the White Sox and Chris Archer, who along with the Tampa Bay Rays have become one of my favorite teams to watch. Along with Archer you have Wil Myers and Joe Maddon, who are both interesting in they’re own right.

A new player I dicovered this season is Jose Fernandez, who pitches for the Marlins. His recent outing against the Dodgers generated enough excitement it felt like a playoff game…even though Miami is in last place.Image


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